head on a plate as bookends

let’s expand our minds together. where we gonna go? where we gonna go? where we gonna go? we will make mistakes. things are not always what they seem. where we gonna go? where we gonna go? where you at?

( )

thinking is good but being is better

in the woods / itw pathway

some things are hard to find.

a vortex blink (jennifer marie elster)

gimme, gimme. there is only to exist in it. everything else, a facade.

in my mirror (jorgen leth)

talking to you talking to myself

what’s going on in that spin wheel of yours?
no rationale needed.
come on out of the woodwork
into a fear-free zone
where communication lives,
and we go to different places together through the oddity of a strange journey that will span time.

pieces will continue to be revealed. trying not to fall into pitfalls and disappear which is usual routine. where are we headed? the discovery of the truth and the core of it all through a barrage of beautiful yet harrowing insanity, the depths of suffering and multiple resurrections as our story line. don’t expect what you know. we won’t expect anything but for you to share yourself with us as we will begin to share the rather insane process of this film with you.
this is the beginning of our relationship. please be demanding.

Yoko Ono Session / Sequence Card

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