in the woods experience

…IN THE WOODS Part One and The Human Experience Tour / Preview #3

Stepped out. Shared the 36 minute work in progress again. I’d never been to Boston. Where’s that? I liked the theatre we screened in. Modern clean black box. Different from the two before.

Been in a shift since I was born. Feeling utter consciousness taking over. Vocal. Concise. Beyond present. I didn’t know this existed: I haven’t seen it before. The films and all of this wild life got me here. Feeling grateful and up front. David, the editor, tells me that I am always arriving on new planes, I told him “this one’s different …”

…in the woods (aimee mullins)



to the voices in your head.

hmm… #1

{revised} Keep your…

a step: remove the obstacles and get it if ya want it, whatever that moving target is.

they watched me battle the mold to get to new places. but the mold kept showing up, in new forms and new faces. go away, i don’t know, here we go? where to go? i don’t know.
i let it show I DON’T KNOW but i know. go away i don’t know.
i gave up. i don’t know, shrug my shoulders say it’s so, i don’t know.
oh i know. now i know.

it came in,
a way

we will be looking for a few like-minded people to participate.

fuck it


i wish we could give community. 
                                                                                                              (whispers) we can. 



layers and layers and layers