Stopping to tell the backstory while STRETCHING INTO THE NEXT PHASE OF EXISTENCE No. 1

Jennifer Elster by Jennifer Elster

The story begins. This story. A story.

Nine years ago I was entangled in directing a Hollywood film, but I inherently
felt it was a meaningless endeavor.
I was instead drawn to an idea I had.
I was drawn to the woods.
Something inside needed form in order for it to be articulated, if only in my mind.
The “it” was unknown to me and yet raging to be understood.
I knew this unruly yearning would devour me whole if left peripheral.

I have always been heavy minded, but I was lighter when I began the woods project.
I did not know how utterly lost I would get, how hard it would be to get out, or how much
would be sacrificed and exposed in the process.
But I had no ability to turn away from it.
It had to be and yet it didn’t make sense.
It was my psychological must have.

At the time, there was confusion surrounding a question that left my fighting mind, psychologically impaired.
Penetrating what I did not have access to, my unconscious mental world, became my preoccupation.

Jennifer Elster Sun 2

The unknown is in your known too,

Jennifer Elster

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