Story of In the Woods No. 3 Feeling 9/11 and Undying Hopefulness

WTC The Towers Poloroid by Jennifer Elster

A Polaroid of our view
from our terrace
of The Towers.

I’m feeling it today.
Remembering watching them come down
the way they did.

That smell.
Making way through debris.
Utter panic. Terror.

The kind of shock to the nervous system that makes you stronger,
if you’re lucky.

The kind of shock that makes you aware that our world crisis is alarmingly real.

Watching the second plane come toward us and then continue into the Tower was… something.

“The” Prologue from the upcoming film series The Being Experience aka …In the Woods,
in order of appearance: Aimee Mullins, Paz de la Huerta, Famke Janssen, Rufus Wainwright,
Gale Harold, Rosie Perez, Debra Winger, Marlo Thomas, and Yoko Ono.

Undying hopefulness plus change will make change.
Otherwise change, in and of itself, is a fairytale.

The story of …In the Woods begins No. 2


Jorgen Leth and Jennifer Elster 2008 This footage was from a few years ago --before everything changed. I still feel the same way. ...


The story of …In the Woods begins No. 2

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