Inside the dream is the wandering dream

Soap and water and other additives.

Jennifer Elster is an only child born and raised in New York City. Elster is an experimental artist, filmmaker, writer, photographer, performer and founder of The Development, an underground, multi-faceted studio in New York City. Elster’s work compulsively penetrates depth while playing with the boundaries of filmmaking. Elster takes an unabashed look, both documentary and fiction, into the complexities of the psychology of existence with original vocalization by Yoko Ono and a daring cast that includes Alan Cumming, Moby, Terrence Howard, Paz de la Huerta, Bob Mankoff, Rufus Wainwright, Temple Grandin, Famke Jannsen, Questlove, Liya Kebede, Dave Matthews, Aimee Mullins, Will Shortz, Jorgen Leth and others.

Elster disappeared for many years into the The Development, which has become an experiential form of artwork in itself; a living exhibit. There she works incessantly, rarely stopping to share her work, compulsively creating. During these years Elster directed a body of work, a collection of upcoming feature films including The Peculiar Underground, Into the Cave, In My Mirror, Concrete Underground, A Walk Into A Split Mind, The Mill and …In the Woods aka The Being Experience. Elster’s work explores the depths of the deep, internal world.

The interactive site ITWPathway and The Prologue for the film series The Being Experience were released; however, the series release date is yet to be announced. In the winter of 2014 Elster will launch both ChannelELSTER, an online website for Out of the Ordinary Cinema, and J. Elster, a handmade collection of custom leather accessories and artwork.

Elster is the author of Headville. Upcoming features include:

The Peculiar Underground A dinner. A drink. It’s all very peculiar.

Concrete Underground – An actress who has fallen apart, a scientist who believes he can cure death, and a director who crosses the line, unfold in this unforeseeable story, Concrete Underground. We explore the animal inside, the desire for suicide, and polygamy.

The Mill- Varied story lines of an actor and an actress seeking redemption, a priest who believes, and a director who questions everything each go through The Mill.

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  1. Caitlin says:

    “other additives”

    is the opening in the door
    way to wander
    but when does the floating stop
    if it ever has to
    being so far off the ground
    can be equally rich as it is unriddling
    let the questions begin

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